The greatest gift & recommendation we can offer is to learn the Ishaya techniques and find out first hand what they can offer your Life! If you have learned, make time to Ascend! Many people find connecting with Ascension events also assists their practice and growth. Audit a workshop, attend a retreat, deepen and grow your practice always & all ways! Feel free to contact us anytime, we are always happy to help connect people with the Ishaya network of events in your area or even work together to create something new! 

We do not currently offer retreats through this website, however Ascension retreats are offered ongoing at The Ishaya Foundation retreat and training center in Missouri, USA. Many events are offered, including weekend events, longer retreats and advanced programs for people who want to further their practice of Ascension. Please visit their site for events at (a 3 night retreat in the proper setting can be the equivalent of 6 months of regular Ascension with eyes-closed)

Books on Ascension at

Please visit for detailed descriptions of books written on Ascension by MSI and other fun products available for purchas! It includes paper books in many languages, ebooks, some audiobooks & book discussion classes. A great way to expand consciousness and to learn more about the practice of Ascension! Also check out the 2020 Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Daily Calendars!  $27 Buy today for the perfect gifts for yourself and others!