Who teaches the events and classes and what makes them qualified?

Ascension events are taught with 2 teachers, qualified through the nonprofit The Ishaya Foundaiton. The minimum teacher requirement is completing the 6 month Retreat, In Residence Ascension Teacher Training offered through the nonprofit. (Please see their website if interested in attending)

We are honored to get to share this practice with you and recognize it is about the teaching and not about us.  Ascension is for everyone and we all grow together. So we are honored and gifted if you decide to join us for any event. We are students first, so of course we make mistakes, but we do our best to honor the lineage and teachings of the Ishayas. We have committed time and effort to be trained to teach the Ishaya techniques through the global, nonprofit 501(c)3, The Ishaya Foundation. Please visit their website for more resources for Ascension at artofascension.com


Fun Questions & Answers about Ascension!


What if I am new to healing practices, meditation or 'spiritual' practices?

Ascension is easy, natural and can be learned by anyone with a willingness and openness to try something new! Not having done a lot of other practices, sometimes makes it all the easier to dive into something new. Be brave, be confident and hey, it's only a weekend!  Also, you are not asked or expected to believe in Ascension or adopt any new beliefs. We do recommend after learning, to use it for awhile and evaluate the results in your life, for yourself. 


Are there books written on Ascension or how can I find out more?

 Absolutely! There are books written by MSI on Ascension in various styles of writing. Please see  msibooks.org for more info! The books are fun to read, expand consciousness and share about the practice. Many feel the Thunder series would be great movies! Please note, the practice is taught ONLY in person, not through books or the internet. Ascension and First Thunder are great books to begin with for more information about this teaching. 


What if I am not athletic or fit or have health challenges?

Ascension is practiced sitting and also lying down. This is not a physical practice, so it's really for anyone! Ascending does release a lot of stress, so the body automatically begins to heal. Many people do find the by product of regularly practicing Ascension is a much healthier, stronger body! 


I would like to learn this practice, but I can't really say I believe 100 percent it will work for me or even everything I've read about it so far?

Right! How would you know what the practice can offer your life specifically without 1) learning the techniques 2) practicing Ascension for a short time to see what the benefits are for your life? If you find yourself desiring faster growth, expansion of consciousness, true healing, deep rest everyday and night ... we recommend you give it a try.  It is a 2.5 day commitment, small amount of money and  has the power to completely transform your life. No belief in Ascension is required for these techniques to work for you! Skeptics are welcome & encouraged to learn for yourself and experience Ascension for yourself! It is your life, so you must decide, right?!


Is there more beyond the First Sphere Workshop?

 Yes, there are more Ascension attitudes beyond the First Sphere. Five Spheres are taught to the public. We discuss ways to further your practice if you would like during the beginner's workshop,  The First Sphere.  Please note even learning just the first Ascension Attitude alone is enough to change your life forever and you receive this the 1st night of the workshop, so no pressure! For those who decide to have a regular Ascension practice and also desire more Ascension techniques, it is easily available. Feel free to contact us to connect with a teacher and find out how. You may also audit a First Sphere Workshop and request advanced attitude(s) at that time. Feel free to contact us any time for other resources for your practice.


What does eyes-closed and eyes-open mean?

 Ascension techniques are used with eyes-closed, we recommend for 20 minutes, 2-3 per day with eyes-closed as a meditation tool, this releases stress, provides deep rest and automatically expands consciousness, pretty cool huh? AND Ascension techniques are also used during our day, anytime, driving in traffic, while you're boss yells at you ... this begins to change all of life and how we perceive life. The eyes-open practice helps us not take on so much stress in our nervous system while leading a busy, fun, modern life.   


I still don't get it, is Ascension a meditation or what is it exactly??

The practice of Ascension is difficult for many to understand, until they have learned how the techniques work first hand, experienced the practice for themselves. Yes, Ascension techniques can be used as a meditative tool, no special postures required, no straining, no forcing out thoughts even! Some find it like prayer, a perfect prayer. And others resonate with it as a mechanical series of techniques to experience the deeper levels of the mind. Regardless of what we call it, Ascension works. 20 minutes of eyes-closed Ascension produces deeper rest than sleep, deeper than the deepest sleep at night. No belief is required to learn, you probably will not understand exactly how it works until after you have learned and practiced it for awhile. That being said, as mentioned above, there are books written about the teachings and practice of Ascension msibooks.org


I haved to ask, what about those of us with a serious monkey-mind? I mean I have tried other stuff before and it sucked & didn't seem to help me!

Right! We do have monkey minds, you are smart for noticing! It has been estimated the average person thinks 100,000 thoughts per day, wow that's a lot! The Ascension techniques are pleasing to the deeper levels of the mind, so they effortlessly draw us inward. Many folks have "failed" at other practices, that's awesome! Many are just still waiting to learn how to Ascend! So come join us, give it a willingness and openness to try. MANY have called jokingly called Ascension a meditation practice for folks who can't meditate! Ascension works, it works for monkey minds by giving the monkey it's ideal banana! The mind is always looking for it's source and for greater peace, happiness, joy and freedom.